Shinola Leather Wrapped Flask

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Though the days of hard-drinking Mad Men style characters may be a thing of the past, there’s still an enduring appeal to the man who can hold his liquor and remain a gentleman. The thing is, most of our modern society frowns on openly consuming liquor in any public space that isn’t a bar—which is where the hip flask comes in. Secreted away in a jacket pocket, it’s a covert way to tipple in places where a bottle would be too conspicuous (and it makes a darned fine end to a hiking trip, too).

Shinola’s Leather Wrapped Flask is among the nicest of the classically styled flasks we’ve seen, wrapping brushed stainless steel in a vegetable-tanned Italian leather for a distinctive but subtle look and feel. It measures in at a concealable 3.88″ x 8.75″, and holds a generous six ounces of liquor, or about a quarter of a standard bottle.

Price: $140

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