Shoal Tent

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Remember swimming as a kid and you really really didn’t want to get out of the water? No longer an issue. Swim in that river all day long and then sleep on it at night. Part raft, part tent, the Shoal Tent is made with a 6-inch thick, high pressure inflated floor and a waterproof tent topper. Instead of poles, the tent stays up with inflatable chambers. The sides attach to the base with hook and loop closure, making them optional should you want to float wall-free.

Smithfly, the Ohio-based fly fishing outfitters, has these for pre-order now. That means next summer you could potentially have access to 3 times as many places to camp now that water has just opened up as an option. Just be sure to drop anchor, unlike a traditional tent, this one could float you out to sea. – $1,499

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