SingleCut Dean Mahogany Ale

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Surely, we’ve all got a go-to beer that we enjoy reaching for time and again, regardless of the time of year or the season. Some beers just work well that way — the Dean Mahogany Ale from SingleCut is more well-suited to fall or winter, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be craving it all year long — we guarantee it.

Made with rich Pacific Northwest hops, the Mahogany Ale does well right out of the bottle and takes on a different character when poured — it’s flavorful, multi-layered and more than enjoyable to drink on a chilly night without overdoing it. The 6 percent ABV is agreeable but not over the top, and although it can be somewhat hard to find, it’s a beer that we certainly enjoy — we’d recommend you do the same the next time you’re in the New York area. Learn more at SingleCut BeerSmiths.

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