SkyCamp Elevated Tent

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Santa Cruz, California Tepui makes rooftop tents for 1-4 people that set up on the rack of your car. They come with windows, doors, a mattress and a ladder to get up there. All you provide is the vehicle. Then they got the idea that their tents could be used without a car for a semi-permanent backyard set up. They call it SkyCamp — a platform that takes the place of your car and supports 4 different rooftop tents.

Underneath the platform is space for a sheltered lunch with the built-in picnic table area. It reminds us of tree houses, without the trees (and with less work). Or here’s an idea: set up a bunch in your backyard and pitch it to your Airbnb guests as a mini Ewok village. Then charge accordingly. Learn more at Tepui Tents.

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