Snake Bite Church Key & Bottle Opener

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We’re all for drinking beer, and anything that simplifies that process is always worth a mention. Available for preorder now on Kickstarter is the Snake Bite Church Key & Bottle Opener ($18+), an all-in-one American-made drinking multi-tool. The Snake Bite is crafted from 302 stainless steel and vegetable-tanned leather, both of which are held together by military-grade gun holster eyelets and steel split-rings.

So it’s just a fancy bottle opener? Surely you jest. While it does indeed pop the top on your favorite craft beer bottle without breaking a sweat, it’s unique fanged design can also be used to vent a beer can for smoother consumption, making it the tool of choice no matter what container you decide to drink beer from.

Snake Bite Church Key & Bottle Opener

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