Snowrider SR120 PRO-SE Conversion Kit

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If Mad Max were set in Siberia instead of Australia, this is what everyone would ride. Developed for people who do not happily put away their dirt bikes once said dirt is covered in powder, snow biking is a new and exploding sport — one that’s made its way to legitimacy with four events in the January 2020 X Games in Aspen. 

While a snow bike isn’t something you can go snap up just yet, anyone with a modern motocross or enduro bike is a prime candidate for a conversion. This SR120 PRO-SE Conversion Kit is made by Snowrider, a company actually based in Siberia itself and their SR120 is the lightest of the kits, meant to handle the most challenging terrain. 

Where a snowmobile does a fine job of gobbling up snowy terrain, a snow bike has the advantage of being more nimble and better suited to tricks and turns. Plus if your snow bike gets stuck in the snow, it’s light enough to free with a firm yank. The kits are easy enough for anyone with a basic working knowledge of bike mechanics to install, trading out the front wheels for a ski, and the back wheel for a snow track and track chassis.


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