SOG Survival Hawk Limited Edition

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The only substitute for being prepared is being Wolverine — even Thor shows up with his hammer (or, then, an axe) and Batman packs those wonderful toys. So unless you shoot multipurpose tools from your hands, this Survival Hawk axe from SOG is a very handy item to pick up.

The limited edition tool comes in black or olive drab and features a 3 inch stainless blade on the axe, a nail puller and hammering head on the other side, plus a fire starter rod in the glass reinforced nylon handle. At just under 20 ounces heavy and just over 12 inches long it’s a packable piece of equipment that’ll prove nearly as useful as Mjolnir was (hopefully no one will crush it).

Like everything SOG makes, this is a durable piece of equipment that will hold up to continued use. A ballistic nylon sheath accompanies the axe and it all comes in a presentation box. Good for gifting, and you may decide to get one for yourself too. But since this is a limited edition, better decide soon. – Shop Now

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