SolarMonkey Adventurer

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For men who love the outdoors, who find themselves exploring remote parts of the world or frequently hiking the trails at the campground for days on end, the SolarMonkey Adventurer is the perfect piece of gear for keeping your stuff charged and fully functional.
Designed with input from those who frequently venture out into uninhabitable environments, the SolarMonkey Adventurer is a “slimline, compact 2-panel solar charger” that utilizes solar energy to charge the internal 2500mAh lithium polymer battery, which in turn charges your iPhone, iPad, GPS system or any other mobile device via its USB connection. The solar panels fully charge the internal battery after 12 hours of daylight, which is more than enough to keep your gadgets charged and operational.
Other features include MPPT technology that allows it to charge your devices efficiently in low light conditions, a lightweight construction for ease of carry, and an attached carabiner that keeps it attached securely to the rest of your gear.
SolarMonkey Adventurer $128
solarmonkey adventurer for outdoor gear charging

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