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Black Friday Sales

Maybe you’re reading this (as I am writing this) with six inches of snow on the roof above you. If so, you might ask if it isn’t a bit early to be thinking about fire pits. Answer: It is not too early. In fact, if you don’t have one at the ready, you may miss the opportunity to seize upon the first warm and sunny day suitable for outdoor gatherings and have to spend one more interminable day cooped up within your walls.

This particular fire pit comes from Solo Stove, a company that figured out how to deliver all the good parts of a fire pit (warmth, camaraderie, pretty pretty flames) while eliminating the not so great part (smoke in your eyes, giant piles of leftover coals).

The Ranger Fire Pit is the portable option in the lineup, weighing just 15 pounds. It can burn foot-long longs and features the brand’s air flow technology that recirculates the smoke for a second burn, resulting in far less smoke. And because it burns wood more efficiently, all that’s left over is a small pile of ash at the end. Dump it out (once the fire pit is cooled off, obviously) and you’re ready for next time.

Right now they’ve got a sweet discount going for units that’ll ship out at the beginning of March. Plus free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and free returns in case you decide setting yourself down by the fire under the wide open sky isn’t the best thing in the world. Which we’re pretty sure isn’t going to happen.

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Black Friday Sales