Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, especially rugged, all weather ones. But where some speakers shine in durability, they lack in performance; and vice versa. There is nothing sacrificed, however, with The Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($339+). While maintaining a compact, portable design, the Sonomad delivers high quality listening enjoyment via dual 3-inch drivers and high quality stereo speaker, a rechargeable battery good for up to 20 hours of playtime, bluetooth connectivity compatibility with all bluetooth enabled devices, and a phone dock compatible with not just the iPhone, but any smartphone on the market.
Transporting the Sonomad to the beach, pool, or campsite is also a cinch via the handle, shoulder strap, or tucked away in your gear bag where you’ll have peace of mind knowing its design features above par protection from sand, water, and the occasional drop.