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Black Friday Sales

Your home listening experience just got better — way, way better. That’s the name of the game when it comes to the remarkably high-quality audio gear made by Sonos, and just when you thought they couldn’t possibly top themselves, they go right ahead and raise the bar again. The Sonos Arc in fact quite literally raises the bar — it’s a premium smart soundbar that delivers cinema-quality audio right into your den.

How does Sonos do it? For one, upward-firing drivers completely immerse you in rich sound for a fully multi-dimensional experience. It also features a remarkably sleek design that’s so subtle, visitors might wonder where that high-quality sound is actually coming from.

The Sonos Arc is best experienced, in our view, with dramatic movies or, better yet, a pulse-pounding live concert film. Heck Sonos worked with Oscar-winning engineers to get the tuning just right, too. In short, it delivers a sound experience that’s just like being there, and it does for under a grand — you very well might wonder how you lived without it.

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Black Friday Sales