Sonos Wireless Home Theater

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The right home theater, or more accurately, the home theater of your dreams, features plenty of bells and whistles, plus top-rate technology, crystal-clear performance, stunning sound, and increasingly … no wires in sight to speak of. That’s right: No wires.

While set-up won’t be quite as easy as snapping your fingers, the Sonos Wireless Home Theater is about as sleek and modern a home theater set-up as you’re apt to find across all of its components, from the Beam soundbar for your TV right on through to the Sub wireless subwoofer for all the powerful sound your favorite movies, TV shows, and heck, rock documentaries require.

Home theater options also include the 5.1 Surround Set, controllable through the Sonos app, not to mention the ability to amplify that sound even further through speaker sets that connect through Wi-Fi. Be on the lookout for rare deals on Sonos products for the holiday season, and even if you can’t snag a deal, it’s a worthwhile investment for the best home theater products.

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