Sony Airpeak Drone

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Real estate agents, wedding photographers, Lexus commercial makers — drones have upped the look of their video footage considerably. The drone that Sony just unveiled in early January as part of the all-digital CES 2021 is called the Airpeak and it’s capable of levitating their Alpha mirrorless cameras. Right now, Sony is looking for professional partners, ie people who already use drones as part of their business, and not those (like me) who think it would be pretty sweet to pilot around a $3,500 camera to check out the neighborhood. 

Fitting in a (substantial) suitcase, the Airpeak is a quadrotor flyer with dual retractable legs and precise, stable flight. At its launch in spring, the Airpeak will be geared towards pros in the photography and video production industry and the selling point will be its small size compared with its ability to handle such high-end image-capture payload. If you spend your days creating dope aerial vids, now might be the time to hit up Sony to ask if you can test drive their new toy. 

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