Sony Vision-S Concept Car

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As yet another reminder that we are in a new age of automobiles, Sony has decided to get involved in making state-of-the-art vehicles. Introducing the Sony Vision-S Concept car, Sony’s first public step toward re-imagining mobility as we know it.

While the Vision-S is still a prototype vehicle, Sony has developed a car that is both drivable and gives full consideration to safety. Using Sony’s advanced technology and developed creativity, the Vision-S offers a potential glimpse into the future of mobility. With a futuristic combination of safety, comfort, entertainment and adaptability, the Vision-S is an exciting concept.

The Sony Vision-S Concept car seats four passengers and each seat has an individual speaker. Estimated to go 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds, the Vision-S is quick. Sony lists the top speed to be 149 mph. A double wishbone front and rear suspension and all-wheel drive system should help the Vision-S handle well in many different driving conditions.

Sony included many sensors to continually monitor the internal and external environment of the Vision-S Concept. These sensors monitor all directions outside of the car, while also paying close attention to the occupants inside. The Vision-S Concept also includes many of the newest features car manufacturers are providing in their latest vehicles. Features such as driving and parking assistance add to the safety of the experience.

Grabbing attention inside the cockpit will be a panoramic screen with an intuitive user interface allowing the driver and passengers to access content such as movies or music. Sony anticipates that self-driving technology will continue to advance and lead to more of a riding experience instead of a driving experience.

The Sony Vision-S Concept car definitely looks futuristic and stylish. Many are wondering though, what is Sony’s plan to go through with this concept? What is their next step toward bringing their re-imagined mobility to life? Only time will tell, but the future looks bright.

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