Southern Tier Lake Shore Fog Hazy IPA

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If there’s one style of beer that’s caught the attention of the beer-drinking populace over the last decade or so Stateside, it’s the IPA — particularly the Hazy IPA (also termed the New England IPA based on how the beer is brewed). And among our more recent favorites has to be a standout offering from New York’s Southern Tier, the Lake Shore Fog Hazy IPA.

Named for that haze that rolls off a windswept lake, it’s got all the refreshing character you’d expect from a juicy, hazy IPA, one that’s packed with flavor even when enjoyed out of a can (the sign of a winning IPA, in our book).

A four-step dry-hopping process gives the Lake Shore Fog Hazy IPA tons of flavor and character, and the fact that it’s new to the canning process this year means you should run out and snap some up just as soon as you can — you’re going to be enjoying this beer year-round, we guarantee it. – Learn More

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