SpeedGrip Socks

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Power and speed might not be the first things you think of when it comes to socks — they’re just socks, right? The SpeedGrip Socks from Storelli are out to change your perception of what a sock can help you do, and if that’s of interest to you, then you might want to fund the brand’s latest Kickstarter campaign.

As of this writing, you’ve got about three weeks left to fund the brand’s campaign for some seriously high-quality socks. The brand is looking to provide increased foot traction for athletes, and they’re doing so using a unique blend of moisture-wicking fabric and a design that offers an astounding 90 percent more grip than the typical pair of socks. And the good news is, you can see for yourself via the brand’s Early Bird special — $55 for two pairs of stellar socks.

If they perform as well as advertised, it’s very likely you’re going to want to pick up more than a couple pairs, though. What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to fund these SpeedGrip Socks than right now. – $29+

SpeedGrip Socks

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