Speedland SL:PDX Trail Running Shoes

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The founders of Speedland had one goal: make the best, most customizable trail running shoes on Earth. Every element of the SL:PDX Trail Running Shoe has been redesigned, reconsidered, and revamped. Like, for example, the laces. Considering Otzi the Iceman, sported shoelaces in his deer and bearskin shoes about 5,300 years ago, a new approach was needed. The fit adjustment system in the SL:PDX comes from BOA with two dials that allow for a ridiculously precise fit without a shoelace or sinew strip in sight.

Move down to the sole and there’s Michelin rubber with 3mm long, hyper grippy lugs that can be trimmed as you see fit to match your preferred trail running terrain. Still need more customization? It’s got a removable carbon plate and removable midsole so you get the exact amount of stiffness and cushioning your trail run requires. 

Lightweight and durable (and eye-catching as all get out), the shoe is built to last you hundreds of miles. Then at the end of the shoe’s life, it can be shipped back to Speedland where it’ll be broken down into its constituent parts and recycled. As an added feel-good bonus, ten percent of the profits on the shoe go to regional outdoor organizations, so you never run out of trails upon which to pound out the miles. 

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