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Water adds a nice edge to many already fun activities. Witness: the shower beer and the swim-up bar. Now here’s something fun to do in water that doesn’t (inherently) involve alcohol. The makers of Spikeball have a buoy that’ll to bring their game to the pool (oceans and lakes work too).

If you’re wondering what Spikeball is, a brief introduction may be in order: a trampoline-shaped net sits between two teams of two who hit the ball to their teammate or spike the ball at the net, changing possession with each ball-to-net contact. They describe the game as volleyball crossed with four-square but there are no out of bounds, and rally scoring keeps the game moving.

The Spikebuoy puts the net on floats and anchors it down so all that dry land Spikeball fun can now be had on water. The carrying bag holds the floats and straps, and also doubles as the anchor — once you fill it with three to four pounds of sand (or the suggested 240 quarters). Pair this with a swim-up bar and we see little reason to do much else this summer. Watch the video below to see Spikeball Spikebouy in action.

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