Spine Copper Wallet

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Proudly made in the United States, the Spine Wallet from Barclay & Co is a must-have for sleek and efficient everyday carry. This version of the popular minimalist wallet is made from C110 Copper and features a sturdy and reliable elastic band for securing your cards, cash, receipts, and other items typically carried in your wallet.

The Spine Wallet is durable enough to take on the challenges of everyday life while still maintaining its shape, curb appeal, and functionality. The Wallet is shipped logo free and is less than .0625” thick, giving it the ultra chic and sleek feel any classy gentleman would respect and desire. Above all else, the Spine’s crowning feature is it’s integrated bottle opener for those who frequently pop the top on their favorite craft brew after a long day at the office. – $30

Spine Copper Wallet

Spine Copper Wallet with Cards

Spine Copper Wallet Bottle Opener

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