Spyra One Water Gun

Spyra One Water Gun

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With the dog days of summer blanketing us in oppressive triple-digit temps, your options are either to crank the AC and face the inevitable, jaw-dropping utility bills or find ways to beat the heat with water sports that stop you from cooking in your own skin.  Sure, you can jump in a pee-filled pool with all the toddlers in the neighborhood or spend an hour cursing water balloons that slip off the spout as you try to fill them, but wouldn’t you really rather get downright martial with a water gun designed for adult play?

The Spyra One Water Gun, currently a Kickstarter project with an anticipated delivery date of October 2018, is the perfect toy for the grown-ass adult that wants to frolic like a kid again.  This baddie has everything lacking from your childhood water pistols, including quick auto refill (just 14 seconds to full), constant pressure (even when you’re almost out of juice), a digital display to keep you apprised of ammo and battery status, and the precision of powerful water bullets that are destined to hit their mark.  With options for red or blue, you’ll have an epic water battle underway in no time. – Shop Now


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