Stanley French Press Vacuum Coffee System

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Imagine taking a kettle, water, your french press, coffee grounds, and a mug for you and a buddy along with you next time you camp or head to a job site. Not only would you need a pack mule to haul it all, you’d probably just end up with broken glass and spilt coffee. A better solution is this: a compact, fully nesting Stanley system.

They pretty much thought of everything with this one. Pour your water in the bottle, your grounds in the stopper and set off to where the day takes you. When it’s time for coffee, boil up the water in the included pot, add your grounds, steep, then press with the integrated plunger. Now pour your brew back in the bottle and it’ll stay hot for up to 15 hours. Separate the lid into two cups and share your middle-of-nowhere, french-pressed joe with a friend. – $60

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