StayTheF***Home Cardboard Desk

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Is there a more ubiquitous phrase at the moment than the simple utterance “Stay Home”? Or better yet, “Stay the F Home”? As much a call to action to keep others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic as it is a rallying cry and personal reminder, brands like Stykka are using that ethos to craft finely made products that actually making staying home and working from home all the more enjoyable.

Exhibit A: The StayTheF***Home Desk from Stykka, an easy-to-build and seriously affordable recycled cardboard desk that sets up in under 10 minutes and retails for under $90. It’s one of the most innovative home desks we’ve seen, and yet it should be sturdy and not flimsy.

As if you needed another reminder to stay home, now you’ve got even less reason to leave — this new desk can turn any space into a home office in under 10 minutes. The StayTheF***Home Desk is a must-have during these times. [via]

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