Stillhouse Black Bourbon

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It comes in a can. It’s been hanging out with coffee beans. And it’s the first bourbon to come from clear corn whiskey maker, Stillhouse. Known for their flavored white (ie unaged) whiskies, and lighter fluid-shaped cans, Stillhouse is (almost) ready to release something that’s done time inside oak. Distilled from a blend of corn, rye and barley, Stillhouse Black Bourbon is then aged a few years in virgin charred American oak barrels. After heading through charcoal filtration, the bourbon is left to mellow in small batch roasted coffee beans.

It’s bottled at 80 proof (more accurately, it’s canned at 80 proof) for a balanced whiskey with notes of caramel and coffee with a smooth finish. It’s ready for pre-order now and perfect for the whiskey drinker in search of something intriguingly new — both inside and out. – $34

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