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There happens to be, in this day and age, a proliferation of stylish places for guys to shop online, complete with brands, designers and apps designed to revolutionize and change the shopping experience. And for all of us who have go-to brands, there’s something to be said for an experience like that delivered by Stitch Fix, one of the best places for men to shop online — and a reliable place to turn if you want to upgrade your style quickly, easily and effectively. How does it work? 

Well, think of Stitch Fix like your one-stop shop for all things men’s style, a personalized online styling service that makes it that much easier to shop for and buy whole outfits or entire pieces. Here’s how it works: Get started by signing up (duh), then customize your Style Profile, then select the delivery schedule for your “Fix” — you can receive new gear up to as often as 2 times a month (or every 2 to 3 weeks). Once you’ve sorted through a visual survey of your clothing preferences and tastes, Stitch Fix goes to work on the  back end, delivering a curated box of men’s style essentials to your doorstop. From there, pay for only what you keep. And that being said, there’s a very high probability you’re going to love whatever Stitch Fix sends to your door, from premium sneakers to slim chinos, soft shirting, exquisite sweaters … the whole nine yards.

It’s a process that only gets easier over time, seeing as Stitch Fix Stylists dial in your preferences even more as you use the service. We appreciate this approach to shopping, making it easy on guys who want to look great without a ton of added hassle (heck, little-to-no hassle at that). Stitch Fix is easily one of the best places to shop online for men, and once you try it, we know you’ll agree.

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