Stone ///Fear.Movie.Lions Double IPA

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Location, location, location — that might best sum up this beer. It’s an IPA from a San Diego-born brewery. A brewery that was quite content making west coast style IPAs until they opened brewing facilities in Virginia in 2014. Then interest in brewing a New England-style IPA started gaining traction. So they brewed one. And now that beer is only available on the east side of the country and only brewed at their Richmond location.

And where exactly is their Richmond location? The name of the beer is actually its address. /// is a three meter by three meter square in the middle of the building that houses Stone’s brewery — at least it is according to what3words. That’s a company who is redoing the way addressing is done by splitting the world into trillions of 3mx3m squares and giving each one a three word address. Drones, delivery companies, emergency services — and breweries — are using these three word addresses to avoid the imprecision of traditional addresses, or locate places where traditional addresses don’t exist like the middle of a forest or park.

As for the beer itself, it’s unfiltered and hoppy with big tropical and citrus notes from the Loral and Mosaic hops. The malt is strong — as is the ABV at 8.5% — and the finish is reminiscent of lime peel zest. Probably just the thing to enjoy somewhere like ///tattoos.yacht.unifies or maybe near ///hairpin.pestle.relished. Learn more at Stone Brewing.

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