Stranger Things 3 Soundtrack

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You were waiting for season 3 to come out about two minutes after you finished season 2. And now that season 3 has been out long enough for every Stranger Things Super Fan to binge it twice, there’s that empty feeling in your gut as you realize season 4 hasn’t even started filming. Which is why soundtracks exist. Hearing the songs while watching the show brought the era screaming back to life for those old enough to remember, and now listening to the soundtrack will bring back the more recent memory of watching the show with a similar dose of nostalgia

It has classics like Madonna’s “Material Girl” and Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” There’s Weird Al and Huey Lewis & The News, John “don’t call me Cougar” Mellencamp, and of course, the theme to the “Neverending Story” which the show managed to make exactly as awesome as the first time you heard it. – via

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