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When is a cold beer at the end of the day more than just a cold beer? When the enjoyment of that delicious, cold craft beer comes with a sense of satisfaction for a job well-done — that’s the intent behind Sufferfest Beer Company, at least.

SufferFest focuses on providing rewarding, quality beer that celebrates athletes and adventures in particular — that’s a motive we can certainly get behind. With unique ingredients like black currant (found in the brewery’s FKT Pale Ale) and bee pollen (found in the Sufferfest Repeat, a kolsch-style beer), the focus on quality and unique flavor is paramount, too.

This is beer made for those who live an active lifestyle, an approach that mass-market breweries simply don’t appreciate these days. And in the dog days of summer, when hot temperatures necessitate backing up your hard workout with a hard-earned beer from time to time, Sufferfest is what you should stock in your fridge. Learn more at Sufferfest Beer Company.


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