Sunday Beer

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If there’s a catchier phrase surrounding a brew than “The beer to drink when you’re drinking a beer,” we’ve yet to find it — or drink one that’s as fitting when it comes to its name. As Sunday Beer says, this fine brew is a “go-to,” an easy drinking lager that we should all enjoy more of these days.

The art of perfecting the lager is one that’s not easily or often attempted, but more breweries are coming around. Thankfully, Sunday Beer has also made it a point to partner with other like-minded brewers, like Butternuts Beer and Ale — that led to Sunday Beer’s first commercial run, a welcome addition to the Northeast beer scene.

Even if you can’t enjoy a Sunday brew right this second, it’s worth taking in their messaging, focused on the fact that beer should be fun to drink and easily accessible (particularly when you just want a great-tasting lager that’s, well, enjoyable to have around). Learn more at Sunday Beer Co.

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