Super73-S1 Universal Motorbike

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One leg of my usual bike commute hits a pretty steep hill and when another cyclist passes me on the climb, I wave, humbled. Unless that cyclist is riding an e-bike. Then I just shake my head. Because I’m jealous. Electric bikes, ebikes, electric motorbikes, whatever you call them, truly are the best of all possible worlds — maneuverability, ease, no gas. The Super73-S1 Universal Motorbike adds one more selling point that some might say is missing from standard ebike offerings: bucketloads of style. 

All Super73 models have the stripped down, open frame look of a 70s minibike, complete with beefy tires with fenders and motorcycle bench seats. The bikes are street legal and classified as bicycles, meaning no licencing, registration, or insurance is required. The Super73-S1 is their more powerful model, intended for longer commutes over hilly terrain. A single charge will get you a range of up to forty miles at (the Class 2-max speed of) twenty miles an hour. You activate the motor through either pedal assist or throttle and you can always pedal unassisted if you feel like it. 

It’s compact, so you can park and store it pretty much anywhere you can stash a bicycle. At seventy pounds, it’s possible to carry it up a flight of stairs if you need to, but the battery itself is removable so schlepping it to your third floor apartment won’t be necessary (as long as you have a secure place to store it). Features like a cargo rack, brake light, and LED headlamp add even more utility to your envy-inducing ride.

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