Super73-Z1 Lightweight E-Bike

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Super73 is an American brand out of California who builds innovative electric vehicles. In this case, it is a motorbike. The Super73-Z1 Lightweight E-Bike offers the ultimate around-town bike with a very efficient battery. 

Whether you are looking to find something to commute to and from work with, or just a more efficient option to get around in, the Super73-Z1 Lightweight E-Bike is a great option. The bike is easy to ride and accelerates smoothly up to a top speed of 20 mph. Battery life lasts anywhere from 15-25 miles, depending on many factors such as elevation and more. Should the battery die on the bike, the E-Bike operates just like a traditional bike. The Super73-Z1 plugs into a regular wall socket for easy and convenient charging when you are done riding.

Hand-welded in California, the stainless steel bike frame is highly durable. The oversized vinyl seat is very comfortable and the bike itself is lightweight and easy to handle. A back handle makes the Z1 E-bike easy to lift and maneuver. Heavy duty tires and wheels offer added protection and cushion for bumpier surfaces. The Lightweight Z1 weighs 56 pounds and offers a max rider weight of 275 pounds.

The Super73-Z1 Lightweight E-Bike does not require a driver’s license to operate. (E-bike laws vary state by state.)

The Z1 E-Bike ships in one box and requires minimal assembly with just a couple of handles and pedals requiring screws. The Z1 E-Bike comes almost ready to ride, the only thing missing is the rider.


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