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We’ve all had those embarrassing social moments where we’re out with family, friends, or coworkers and we excuse ourselves to the bathroom only to look in the mirror and realize the remains of our sesame salad are still entrenched in our teeth.  Is it possible that no one noticed?  Nope, it was just too awkward for them to stop you from waxing poetic about whatever genius maneuver you think your totally average toddler performed this morning.

Good news – Superba! cares more than your mates and they prove it with Superba! oral care regimen — zesty, Peppermint Kick Gel Toothpaste, mint floss, and a soft-bristled, ergonomic tooth brush.  Described as a “roundhouse kick to the mouth”, this is one lineup that delivers breath-freshening, enamel-strengthening, cavity-preventing cleanliness, not to mention whitening power and a not-to-subtle tingle.  Consider it your new circle of friends when your regular lunch buddies drop the ball.

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