SUPERRIDE Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

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You’ve thought about getting a unicycle. If only they weren’t so darn hard to ride. As technology progresses all our problems will be solved — even this one. The SUPERRIDE is a self-balancing gyroscopic miracle that not only keeps you upright, it propels you up to twenty miles an hour on a single wheel. The controls respond to your body movements, lean forward to speed up, lean back to brake, lean left or right to turn.

The fully electric scooter has a 1000w motor, removable battery, and a 280 pound max rider weight. You’ll get a fifteen mile-ride on a forty-five minute charge and the giant wheel is suited to off-road use. Ride this and everyone will absolutely see you coming — it’s an electric, giant wheeled unicycle, after all — but the SUPERRIDE also includes a horn, just in case you roll up on a catatonically unobservant pedestrian. – Shop Now

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