SureFly Personal Helicopter

SureFly Personal Helicopter

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Remember when you were pretty sure there’d be flying cars when you grew up? Workhorse is working on making that happen. With 8 carbon fiber propellers that fold down to allow the SureFly to fit in a standard garage, they see this fully reimagined helicopter getting used for applications like agriculture, military and, yes, city commuters. It’s got an estimated range of 70 miles on a tank of gas, with battery backup should the fuel gauge ping E while you’re 4,000 feet above it all. (If everything goes really wrong, SureFly comes equipped with a ballistic parachute.)

They made the 2 seater easy to pilot with no transitional parts and a fixed propeller pitch, but the FAA is still gonna ask that you kindly get a pilot’s licence before you fly it. Workhorse hopes to deliver the SureFly for under $200k and are now taking reservations. Reserve yours here.

Workhorse SureFly Personal Helicopter


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