Sven-Saw Folding Saw

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The Sven-Saw is made in Minnesota and offers a prime example of good design. The triangle shape provides a rigid geometry for cutting, while the twenty-one inch Swedish steel blade has hardened teeth to rip aggressively into wood. With a tubular handle that extends down below the blade, you get good leverage to put muscle into your cutting. In most cases, you’ll get through a six-inch log in under a minute (unless you’re cutting some crazy Australian Ironwood or the like).

The anodized aluminum alloy frame keeps the saw lightweight — at just a touch over one pound, taking it everywhere won’t be a problem. When you’ve cleared or cut whatever wood was standing in your way, Sven-Saw folds into itself for transport. Remove the wingnut, fold the blade into the frame then slide the frame and blade into the handle. Fasten the wingnut and the whole thing is ready. Ready for the next time you need a well-designed saw. – Shop Now

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