Switchblade Flying Sports Car

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Long-term parking rates. Lost luggage. Armrest hoggers. Taking your shoes off for the TSA. If this is all stuff you’re pretty much done with, a better way to fly is just about here. You get side-by-side seating for two in a road-legal sports car that tops out at 125 mph. Once on the runway, your car converts to a 27’-wingspan plane in about three minutes. Once in the air, you’ll cruise along at 200 mph and 13,000 feet.

What’s the catch? Not much, actually. You’ll need a private pilot’s license. And in order to qualify as an experimental/homebuilt class of aircraft, the end owner has to assemble 51% of it. But it comes in a kit with instructions, and help if you want it. You’ll also need about $120k, but that’s a small price to pay for never having to stow your tray table in the upright position ever again. You can reserve your Switchblade Flying Car now at Samson Motorworks.

Switchblade Flying Car

Switchblade Flying Car

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