Tabasco Scorpion Sauce

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Are you one of those guys who puts Tabasco on everything? Eggs, pizza, mac and cheese, you name it, you don’t eat it without a dash of the red stuff. Well here’s a little bottle that might make you think before you shake. Tabasco Scorpion Sauce is a small-batch, limited run hot sauce from McIlhenny Company that’s going to be hot.

It’s made from scorpion peppers, which belong to the family of peppers that once held the world’s record for being the hottest pepper on the planet with a rating of 1.4 million Scoville heat units. For comparison, consider that the peppers used in regular Tabasco sauce top out at 50,000 SHUs. The Scorpion sauce itself blends tropical fruits like guava and pineapple with the scorpions, as well as a bit of regular Tabasco for good measure. It won’t be pure fire in your mouth. But it’ll be close. – Buy It

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