The Taco Tuesday Cookbook

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Saturday, Sunday, Friday. These days need no help getting people to love them. Thursday? Well that’s so close to Friday a little weekend magic always seeps in. Wednesday has the honor of being almost there, with a weird, vaguely suggestive moniker to go with it. Monday we just don’t talk about, with its gray rained-out parade attitude. So that leaves us with Tuesday. 

It’s a long stretch until the weekend when Tuesday hits, and someone, maybe some frazzled, desperate working parent, decided to make Tuesday night not so bad by saying, “Let’s have tacos.” Taco Tuesday was born and it was good. 

The Taco Tuesday Cookbook has a different taco recipe for every single Tuesday, all year long. The 52 recipes are inventive while still being easy and most cook in under a half hour. Just looking at the flashy colorful pics are enough to get your salivary glands working, and perhaps even looking forward to Tuesday. 

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