Monday Night Brewing Taco Tuesday Mexican Lager

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It’s taco night—what are you drinking? 

Hazy IPAs and big sour beers may be all the rage in the craft brewing world right now, but they’re far from friendly for food pairings. When your meal is the star of the show—as it should be when you’re putting together a sumptuous taco spread—it’s best to let your beer take the back seat as a simple refresher.

Monday Night Brewing’s Taco Tuesday Mexican Lager is the perfect match for that sort of situation. Brewed to a crushable 4.5 percent ABV and a tasteful 20 IBUs, its pilsner and munich malts give it just enough body to stand up to Mexican cuisine’s big flavors. And even if you’re not munching on enchiladas, burritos, or the like, it’s still an excellent thirst quencher on hot summer days; just add a lime and a salted rim to make it complete and delicious beyond comparison.

  • Beer Style: Mexican-Style Lager
  • ABV: 4.5%

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