Tailgater X Portable Fire Pit

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The holy grail of sustainable camping is wrapped up in the Leave No Trace ethos. At its heart, this philosophy of outdoor recreation holds that as humans, we have a responsibility to leave nature as much as we found it as possible—to leave no trace of our presence—through observing principles of responsible outdoor stewardship.

One of the most difficult places to enact these LNT principles, though, is in building and maintaining fires while camping. The Tailgater X Portable Fire Pit offers an efficient and effective solution, and one that’s as useful in your backyard as it is in a National Forest boondocking camp site.

It’s the first truly portable propane fire pit on the market, and the Tailgater X’s ergonomic cube design and magnetic lid make it especially easy to carry and store. So the next time you’re thinking of hitting the trails, consider bringing one of these along with you so you, too, can Leave No Trace.

Price: $229

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