TakTik iPhone Case

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TakTik iPhone CaseOwning an iPhone means that you must eventually spend more money covering its beautiful yet fragile design in a big, bulky case. Thick cases not only limit functionality, but are also not always attractive. The TAKTIC iPhone case, however, is not your ordinary iPhone case. It features a shockproof suspension constructed of 9mm truss silicone sandwiched between either two ballistic polymer or aluminum bezels for unmatched protection. Wait, it gets even better. Instead of a frustrating plastic film over the screen that severely decreases touchscreen responsiveness, the TAKTIK case features an optional sealed protective glass lens, coated with anti-glare and anti-smudge. Most important to some, the TAKTIC is also a helluva lot more stylish than your otterbox case.
TakTik iPhone Case $175

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