Tapplock One Smart Lock

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You can unlock your phone with your thumbprint, why not a real lock? That’s just what this does. It stores up to 500 different fingerprints and takes under a second to read the print and open the shackle. And before you start thinking the Tapplock One is as delicate as your shiny smartphone, take a look at the strength specifics: the reinforced stainless steel shackle is 7mm thick and cut-resistant, while the body is cast from a zinc alloy, with a double lock strengthened with anti-shim and anti-pry technology.

You can open the lock three ways, with your fingerprint, with Bluetooth via the app, or by tapping out a Morse code combo on the power button. A two hour charge will give you a year of service (or 3,500 unlocks). All that, plus the ability to share access remotely through the app makes this a gadget that actually deserves the designation “smart.” – $85

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