Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle

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Hookie is looking to roll out the lunar carpet in what could be the biggest leap for mankind since 1969 with the Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle. Dubbed as the world’s first moon concept motorcycle, the Tardigrade can survive outer space just like the animal it is named after. 

When referring to the animal known as Tardigrade, its reputation for resilience is unmatched by any other species on Earth. When it comes to survivalist mentality, the Tardigrade Concept Motorcycle is the bike you want to ride in any post-apocalyptic world. It is also the motorcycle any astronaut will want by their side while wandering the surface of the moon.

This space age motorcycle features changeable, airless tire pieces and ultra-lightweight materials throughout its construction. It can reach a top speed of 9 miles per hour or about 15 kilometers per hour. With a range of 110 km or about 68 miles, you could find the best view of Earth from the moon if you bring your adventurous spirit into space.

This lunar motorcycle tips the scales at 134 kilograms or about 295 pounds. The bike is designed so astronauts can carry various types of equipment on the motorcycle while traveling on extraterrestrial surfaces. This Moon Concept Motorcycle from Hookie will make it a lot easier for astronauts to fulfill their missions while overcoming potential obstacles, both expected and unexpected alike.

Standing just under three feet tall, the Moon Concept bike is about eight and a half feet long. Keep in mind, this is not the kind of overlanding bike you can use to launch yourself out of meteoric craters. However, you can use it to navigate between space stations while enjoying the cosmic scenic route.

There is no doubt this motorcycle is redefining the meaning of freedom as it takes humanity to new horizons. To see the Tardigrade Motorcycle in person, you can check it out as part of the ADV: Overland exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum in California throughout October 2023.

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