Taste Test: New Belgium Rolle Bolle Summer Ale

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New Belgium Rolle Bolle Summer AleNew Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire has long been one of our favorite craft beers, which explains our excitement once their new seasonal ale hit the shelves in our neighborhood last week, Rolle Bolle Summer Ale. Crafted last month as their signature summer seasonal, the Rolle Bolle Ale is a 5.2% ABV pale ale fermented with an American Hefeweizen yeast and flavored with Cascade, Centennial, and Amarillo American hops that were intended to add a citrus kick to the flavor while Monk Fruit and Soursop are responsible for its overall distinctive fruity taste and aroma.

Shortly after arriving back at the homestead with package in hand, we decided to make friends with the six-pack of bottles, wasting no time breaking out a custom bottle opener to celebrate the occasion. The Rolle Bolle rendered a light golden, almost blonde pour with a moderate amount of a white foamy head for good measure. A mild citrus, hoppy aroma is noticeable as you pull the glass up to your palate, followed by an undeniable citrus fruity flavor as soon as it hits your mouth. As New Belgium described in their blog, a hint of juicy fruit gum was noticeable along with lemon and orange as we rolled the Rolle Bolle around our palates, with even an odd but pleasant peachy taste in there at some point. There’s a good blend of hops and malt throughout, with a noticeable but not overpowering hoppy finish.

Although technically a Belgian Pale Ale, its more reminiscent of of an American Pale Ale without the bite, or a Belgian witbier without, well, all of the wheat. Its fruity but not syruppy, light, but definitely not watered down. All in all, the Rolle Bolle Ale is a perfect beer to indulge in during hot summer days catching up on some yard work, and it’s available through September.

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