Taylor Stitch Après Hoodie

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You know it’s gonna be good — the name’s got an accent. Meaning “after” in French, the Après Hoodie is meant for that time after everything you have to do is done. So relax. Get yourself a lager, a bourbon, a coffee, a stout, this will keep you comfortable while you do.

The nearly ten ounce fabric has a good heft and is made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton, making it more durable and abrasion resistant than cotton alone. The subtle olive stripe along with details like leather pocket reinforcements and leather zipper pulls elevate the hoodie above standard loafing wear.

As part of their Workshop series, the Après is being crowdfunded. You get a discount when you pre-order and they make the thing once it’s fully funded. Since it’s already way past funded, you get the discount now and a new (great looking) hoodie in July. – $98

Taylor Stitch Apres Hoodie

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