Tesla-Powered 1968 Porsche 911

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Recently Porsche has been producing a number of hybrids and electric vehicles. However, the Tesla-Powered 1968 Porsche 911 is one of a kind. This 1968 911 offers the vintage appeal of a classic car while delivering the benefits of Tesla’s innovative technology.

Featuring the original Porsche Irish Green exterior finish, this car is a true sleeper. Inside the vehicle, occupants will enjoy the modern touchscreen display along with heated racing seats to keep you comfortable. Powering this retro classic is a Tesla Model S P85 motor providing over 500 horsepower, which is quite the jump from the 90 horsepower originally offered in the ‘68 911.

Not only did the 911 receive modern upgrades inside the vehicle, it also features an improved brake system. To help handle the increased power, the Porsche received an upgraded sport suspension along with drilled disc brakes.

Tesla-Powered 1968 Porsche 911

With its electric technology, this 911 provides a charge range of 120+ miles at highway speeds. Offering seating for two, the Tesla-Powered Porsche features an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. 

Additional modern upgrades include a level 2 charge port, a rear decklid solar panel and LED lighting. Occupants will also be able to enjoy their favorite music thanks to the Bluetooth sound system to go along with Alpine speakers and a subwoofer.

Best of all, you have the chance to win this Tesla-Powered 1968 Porsche 911 along with $20,000. You have the opportunity to donate to the Petersen Automotive Museum, or you can enter without contributing. Visit omaze.com for more details or to enter the sweepstakes today.

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