The Astronaut Knife

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You don’t immediately associate knives with astronauts. But ask yourself this: If you were in space and met with some sort of emergency (a caught strap, survival situations à la The Martian, Xenomorphs) having a near-12-inch machete blade at your disposal would be far better than not having one. As made by premium knifemaker Case, The Astronaut Knife was included in a survival kit aboard every one of NASA’s Gemini and Apollo space missions, traveling to the moon and back nine times. 

In a faithful reproduction, Case made this version in the US from heavy gauge stainless steel and a white synthetic handle. With a 16-inch overall length, a machete design, and a double row of sharp teeth along the spine, the Astronaut knife will get you out of plenty of jams here on Earth, and if you ever do travel to the echoless black, you now know exactly what to pack. 

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