The Confidant Notebook

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Depending on your lifestyle, carrying some form of a notebook is essential for jotting down ideas, writing songs, making to-do lists, or just having something to doodle on while your boss drivels on about nothing at the company’s morning muster. For all of the purposes previously mentioned along with many, many more, the Confidant Notebook by Baron Fig unanimously fits the bill.

The Confidant sports a clean, minimalist design that solves several of the problems found with other run-of-the-mill notebooks. It opens flat, in turn eliminating the curve in the center of the page that makes writing in others a difficult task. Next, you’re given the choice, based on your needs, between 192 acid-free, fine grain pages of blank, ruled, or dot grid paper. This one’s made to last. And at only $16, it’s a steal.

Baron Fig Confidant Notebook

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