The Cooler Cannon

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If your least favorite part of drinking beer is getting up to get another one, somebody out there heard your cry of pain. You can now remain seated and let the Cooler Cannon do the all the hard work. Push a button on the remote and the Cooler Cannon shoots a can of beer up to 8 feet through a flap in the lid. A side compartment holds ice while up to 18 beers are loaded in the magazine where they can be launched at a rate of 1 can every 2 seconds.

They’re available for pre-order now and as soon as you get one, you’ll never have to worry about who’s fetching your next can of Coors for you. As far as how to get nachos delivered directly to your mouth, there appears to be no such machine. But we’ll let you know about it the moment someone makes one. – $195

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