The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey


There’s a touch of mystery about this one. But let’s start with what we know. Made from three ingredients — Irish malted barley, yeast and Irish water — its triple distilled in copper pot stills then aged four years in casks formerly home to oloroso sherry. Sexton is an eighty proof single malt Irish whiskey with notes of dried fruit, balanced by subtle oak and a smooth finish. And it comes in an impressively cool, six-sided, jet black bottle with a graveyard/skeleton theme (as sexton is an old name for gravedigger).

Then there’s what we don’t know. One of the many brands owned by Proximo, importers of Cuervo, Boodles and Bushmills, Sexton is an offering that doesn’t reveal its distillery. But the County Antrim name-drop on the bottle and shared parent company are making some think Bushmills distillery had a hand in its production. Not that it matters. We just want to drink the stuff. – $29


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