The Voyager Golden Record

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Vinyl as a listening medium continues to impress us as its comeback continues among audiophiles (and if ever you’ve started collecting records, then you know how difficult that can be). And if you want quite the record to add to your collection, then we’ve found it. That’d be the Voyager Golden Record, available via Huckberry — this time, done up for the modern era.

The Voyager Interstellar Record Project sent out fully functioning vinyl records as a quite literal record of life on Earth & serving as an entirely unique time capsule. Namely, the Voyager Golden Record from Ozma Records is truly the ultimate grail to add to your record collection, for a decidedly affordable price (under $100 for three vinyl reproductions of the original is a heck of a deal). With tunes by the likes of Chuck Berry and ambient audio from life on Earth, this is a treasure to add to your record collection. – Shop Now

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